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Home Service Service system
We strictly implement the ISO9001:2000 quality standard management requirements, ensure product quality meets all standards and requirements, and hereby solemnly promise you:
Early communication:

All weather will be answered by telephone, and your questions will be answered in all directions.

Cooperation in the sale:
Contact the whole process and inform production progress and delivery in time.
Timely adjust product design and manufacturing plan to meet your engineering change needs.
After-sale service:
Assist on site installation and debugging.

Provide technical support and guidance.

Quality three packages:
During the warranty period, the "Three Guarantees" must be strictly implemented (inclusive, replacement, Bao Tui).

After the warranty period, we will continue to provide on-site maintenance services for you.

Any quality problems that are caused by the company are clearly answered within 4 hours after receipt of the notice, and within 24 hours of arrival, it is necessary to arrive at the scene for free maintenance.
The quality problem of the company is not known, and the maintenance plan is determined within 4 hours after receiving the notification, and the paid maintenance is arrived within 24 hours if necessary.
Service phone: