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Happy news - our company is pleased to win the city patent demonstration enterprise
Time: 2017-09-11        Copyfrom:本站
In December 11, 2014, we pleased to win the medal of the patent demonstration enterprise from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Last month, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized experts and scholars to conduct a comprehensive and careful audit and guidance for our patent work. The leaders of the experts and scholars are satisfied with the achievements of our company's patent work, and carry out a thorough investigation on our research and development center, the test center and the production site, and express the praise to our patent products all over the world, and express the condolences and encouragement to all the R & D personnel of our department. Our company said: we must continue to focus on improving the reliability of PV junction boxes, and continue to make new contributions to the development of new energy high-end protection connectors.