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Xinhui company set up a product research and development laboratory
Time: 2017-09-11        Copyfrom:本站

In July 16th, the opening ceremony of Xinhui's product research and development center was held. The establishment of the R & D center has greatly integrated Xinhui's internal research and development resources, improved Xinhui's level in the field of photovoltaic junction box, and thus promoted the development of Xinhui in the photovoltaic industry and even the whole energy field. The leadership of the company gives high expectations to the R & D center. On the basis of the existing equipment and resources of the company, it will take two to three years to catch up and exceed the R & D level of PV counterparts at home and abroad in some specific fields of R & D, and form a special R & D system to establish and cultivate a number of professional elite. The R & D team has its own intellectual property rights.