Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xinhui enjoy Zhejiang Science and Technology R & D center project subsidies, existing R & D team more than 10 people, including a professor-level senior engineer, master over, also hired a senior expert in the industry, research Professor institutes and other components of a technical expert advisers. R & D center to recruit outstanding graduates each year from Zhejiang University and other famous universities in order to enhance the company’s R & D team. Advanced technology R & D center and testing equipment, complete, R & D strength, there are a number of products and get a reward provincial and municipal projects in national professional journals published a number of articles have research value of academic research papers, a number of independent intellectual property rights is a patent demonstration units, and hosted and participated in the photovoltaic solar energy industry national standards, industry standards and revision.

The company currently has the industry’s leading test center, equipped with a high and low temperature heat boxes, transistor curve tracers, terminal tester, milliohm tester, junction temperature tester, EV video tester, Diode Continuity tester and other advanced detection equipment.

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