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Xinhui company set up R & D lab
Time:2014-10-18  Posted:Admin

On July 16th, the opening ceremony of the R & D center Xinhui company product is held ceremoniously. The establishment of R & D center greatly integrated Xinhui internal R & Dresources, improve the Xinhui in the field of photovoltaic junction box level, thereby promoting the Xinhui in photovoltaic industry and even the entire field of energy development. The leadership of the company R & D center given high expectations, put forward to based on the company's existing equipment and resources, with two to three years to catch up with and even surpass the domestic photovoltaic peer R & D level in certain areas of research and development, the formation of Xinhui special research and development system, establish anddevelop with a group of professional elite the R & D team, have their own intellectual property rights.

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