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Good news - our PV-HBA4 won the high-tech products in Zhejiang Province
Time:2014-12-15  Posted:Admin
In November 29, 2014, composed of hall of Zhejiang province science and technologyorganization of domestic famous experts and scholars of the 7 person jury for flat appraisal onour PV-HBA4 photovoltaic junction box in Hangzhou. All the experts on the patent for the product, process, technology index such as a full range of audit, the relevant foreign and domestic similar products after the comparative analysis that the PV-HBA4 photovoltaic junction box is the first anti photovoltaic junction box burning, high reliability, maintenance,technical level of the leading domestic. This is the highly recognized our products, is acontribution to the domestic photovoltaic junction box of the main production areas. Xinhuiphotovoltaic technology R & D center of all my colleagues have said in the celebratedcolleagues: condensation of collective wisdom, more innovative products!
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